September 20, 2017

NCSR Demokritos


NCSR Demokritos

  • Antonis Korakis

    R&D in Computer Systems NCSR Demokritos Country: Greece About Antonis Korakis: Antonis Korakis holds a degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Kent (UK). He proceeded in 2004 with a Master of Science in Broadband and Mobile Communication Networks from the University of Kent (UK) and in 2012 with […]
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  • Homer Papadopoulos

    Functional Researcher N.C.S.R. ‘Demokritos’ Country: Greece About Homer Papadopoulos: Homer Papadopoulos BSc MBA PhD has been working for NCSR “Demokritos” for 12 years (now under permanent contract at NCSR “D”DAT) managing various European funded Research programs within the fields of e-services, mobile services and technologies and broadband telecommunication networks. Recently, he has set up a […]
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  • Areti Katsamagkou

    Research Manager N.C.S.R. ‘Demokritos’ Country: Greece About Areti Katsamagkou: Areti Katsamagkou holds a Computer Science degree from the University of Crete and an MSc degree in Information Systems from Athens University of Economics & Business. Ms Katsamagkou has been working in the private sector in the field of ICT specializing in the management and configuration […]
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  • Ilona-Elefteryja Lasica

    Freelancer/ Technology Enhanced Learning & Knowledge Management N.C.S.R. Demokritos Country: Greece About Ilona-Elefteryja Lasica: Ilona-Elefteryja Lasica (1989) holds a BSc. in “Digital Systems” (2010) and a M.Sc. in “Technology Education and Digital Systems” (Track: e-Learning) (2012) from the Department of Digital Systems University of Piraeus, Greece. Her research interests focus on Technology Enhanced Learning, Knowledge […]
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