April 21, 2019

Jane McDermott

Jane McDermott

Project Administrator
ProFouND Project (University of Manchester)


United Kingdom

About Jane McDermott:

I am the part time project administrator on the ProFouND project, which I do 2.5 days per week. I have worked as a project manager and developer in Higher Education for over 12 years working in creative media, employability and widening participation. Prior to this I worked as a Head of Department in ESOL/EFL and teacher. When not working on ProFouND I work as a freelance conference director, open space practitioner, mentor to young adults and ESOL/EFL teacher. I practice mindfulness meditation and work as a volunteer in a local charity. I love to walk and am currently working my way through the 5 highest peaks of UK, 3 down / 2 to go! As well as cook, eat and enjoy time with my extensive Irish/Italian family. I am also a host family for international students and occasional foster carer as well as a full time mother.

ProfouND Role:

I am the project administrator for the ProFouND project and so support the Project Coordinator and other project partners in the achievement of the project deliverables, objectives and overall outcomes. I manage the day-to-day administrative functions for successful project delivery, including coordination of meetings, events, liaison with the EC, financial administration, contractual compliance and so on…


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