May 21, 2024

Professor Finbarr Martin becomes President-elect of EUGMS

Professor Finbarr Martin becomes President-elect of EUGMS

OSLO, 18 SEPTEMBER: Professor Finbarr Martin, former President of the British Geriatrics Society, has been elected President-Elect of EUGMS (the European Union Geriatric Medicine Society) with effect from January 2016.

He will automatically succeed to the post of President in 2 years’ time, after the incoming President, Professor Stefania Maggi of Padova, completes her two-year term.

Speaking after the announcement, Professor Martin said:

“EUGMS has now grown into a serious force for good in the clinical science and policy about effective healthcare of older people. I am honoured to be able to play a leading role in continuing this journey.

European countries have much to learn from each other and the EUGMS and its journal, European Geriatric Medicine, will be a key player in spreading the wisdom and determination needed if we are to rise to the challenges and grasp the opportunities of our ageing societies”

The BGS sends its warmest congratulations to Professor Maggi and Professor Martin and wishes them well in these crucial roles.

Professor Martin will be the third former BGS President to subsequently become EUGMS President.

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