October 22, 2017

AMACS – Automatic monitoring of Activities of Daily Living using Contactless Sensors


The project aims to detect changes in the behavior, i.e. changes in these ADL patterns. These
changes include both acute and gradual changes. Acute changes are abnormal events that are critical and require an immediate alarm. Examples of such abnormal events include for instance fall incidents; water or gas that keeps running or sudden general absence of activity. On the other hand, the project also want to detect gradual changes. These changes are important for an early detection of problems such as (early stage) dementia.

Examples of such changes are sleeping disorders, ADL decline and behavioral disturbances. The information about these activities and changes in behavior can then be presented to the caregivers (including family members) to adapt older people’s care plans, and as a consequence, increase their quality of care and quality of life.

  • Contact person: Bart Vanrumste, bart.vanrumste@esat.kuleuven.be


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