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Slovak Medical University in Bratislava

Slovak Medical University in Bratislava





Address: Limbová 12, 833 03 Bratislava 37, Slovak Republic

Rector: prof. MUDr. Peter Šimko, CSc.

Rector´s office:

  • Tel.: +421 2 5937 0274 • Fax: +421 2 5937 0276
  • E-mail: [email protected] • Website:



The Slovak Medical University in Bratislava (SZU) is a state higher education institution. It is a modern pedagogic and scientific body focused on all aspects of the education of new physicians and other healthcare workers. The SZU provides specialized and continuous education of practicing physicians. Four faculties of the university offer a doctor ofmedicine study programme in general medicine, eight bachelor’s degree programmes in nursing, midwifery, radiological technique, physiotherapy, urgent medical care, social work, laboratory examination methods and public health, three master’s degree programmes in nursing, physiotherapy and public health and four doctorate study programmes in public health, nursing, internal diseases, and surgery.


List of faculties:

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Public Health

Faculty of Nursing and Professional Health Studies

Faculty of Health


Scientific research and international relations projects:


Scientific activities at the SZU are focused on research in the fields of environmental health, safety of nano-particles, infective and age-related diseases. The most important projects supported by the 7th EU Framework programme (ERINHA, SYSTEQ, OBELIX, DENAMIC, NANOTEST, NANOIMPACT, Q-NANO, PRIORITY) and the EU Structural funds (Centre of Excellence of Environmental Health, VEGETA, TABU) are solved in international cooperation. The SZU is a founding member of the international scientific consortium” Regional Cooperation for Health,  Science and Technology Association”.


Number of students in 2014/15: 15,000

Number of scientific degree lecturers in 2014/15: 271

Foundation year: 2002


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