May 21, 2024




The main goal of E-NO FALLS thematic network is to integrate and bring together knowledge, experiences and best practices acquired at European and international level in the area of fall prevention, intervention and safety, with the aim of coordinating ongoing activities and creating the necessary conditions and consensus on action plans, standards and specifications in view to ensure the widest future replication and co-deployment of innovative solutions (with special emphasis on ICT-based ones). In this way, the E-NO FALLS thematic network will be a forum for all stakeholders within the value chain (such as industry, users organizations, informal and formal care providers, public authorities, investors, housing and insurance companies and service providers across Europe) to share knowledge, expertise, resources, best practice experiences and to build consensus to highlight the remaining obstacles to be overcome and to eventually provide guidance for ICT-enabled solutions and their roll-out.

Therefore, E-NO FALLS is envisaged to act as a HUB in the sense that it will become a single point concentrating conclusions, references and links to all what is being/has been done in all issues (research results, policy recommendations, market uptake…) related to fall prevention, detection, intervention and safety. E-NO FALLS portal will provide links to other networks, projects and initiatives addressing Falls which will make easier to all stakeholders to have a view and gather information about trends and future initiatives and the opportunity to be involved in all the activities of the network. Furthermore E-NO-FALLS will commit to the EIP AHA A2 action on fall prevention and will actively support the implementation of the action plan. In the same sense E-NO-FALLS will collaborate with the other thematic network, PROFOUND, to ensure synergies and mutual collaboration. The output expectation of the network is to maximize the social and economic potential of ICT-based solutions, while promoting and accelerating wider deployments for improving quality of life and sustainability of care for the ageing population.

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