September 20, 2017

I-DONT-FALL – Integrated prevention and Detection sOlutioNs Tailored to the population and Risk Factors associated with FALLs


The main goal of the I-DONT-FALL project is to deploy, pilot and evaluate a wide yet innovative range of
highly personalized ICT-based solutions for fall detection and prevention management, which will be able to be flexibly configured to the needs of specific target groups and risk factors associated with fall incidents. To this end, I-DONT-FALL will integrate a diverse set of fall management solutions on the top of both products and R&D prototypes into a unified programmable fall management platform. Based on this platform the project will pilot and test the falls solution across different countries, cultures, age groups and fall risk factors with over 500 elderly users/ patients.

  • Contact person: Carmela Occhipinti

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