May 21, 2024

Sicheres Vorarlberg

Sicheres Vorarlberg



Our Mission: prevent accidents – live healthy

“Sicheres Vorarlberg promotes issues and offers programmes and consulting
for accident prevention with an emphasis on home, leisure and sports.”

Accidents are no coincidences. Accidents have reasons. Sometimes life looks
like a chain of unfortunate circumstances. One little detail is overlooked
and it happens. How can accident figures be reduced, human suffering be
prevented and accident costs be reduced? In Vorarlberg solely, 40.000
accidents happen annually and cause costs of 130 millions Euro per year. Of
which 45% occur in the leisure sector.

Accident prevention is important for all of us – based on this knowledge the
regional institution “Sicheres Vorarlberg” was founded. Since 1993 we have
been working throughout Vorarlberg on preventing accidents in various
fields, with an emphasis on home, leisure and sports.

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