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Text Center of Expertise for Fall and Fracture Prevention Flanders: (Official Flemish name: Expertisecentrum Val- en fractuurpreventie Vlaanderen (acronym: EVV))
The Center of Expertise for Fall and Fracture Prevention Flanders (Belgium) has three target areas aimed at the community and residential care setting: 1) providing information, documentation and advice on fall and fracture prevention for older persons and healthcare workers (e.g. by a website and helpdesk); 2) developing methods and materials that, in terms of effectiveness, are scientifically sound (e.g.  development of practice guidelines, clinical pathways); 3) supporting the implementation of these methods and materials (e.g. falls awareness week, use of resource persons).

  • Ellen Vlaeyen

    Ellen Vlaeyen is a geriatric nurse and has a master of science in nursing. She is the coordinator of the Flemish Center of Expertise for Falls and Fracture Prevention ( Additionally, she is doing a PhD at the Academic Centre for Nursing and Midwifery entitled “Fall prevention in nursing homes: Documented effectiveness, prevailing views and …
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  • Koen Milisen

    Koen Milisen was trained as a health scientist and as a nurse. He is professor care for older persons at the Academic Centre for Nursing and Midwifery, and a clinical nurse scientist at the division of geriatric medicine at the University Hospitals Leuven. He has extensive clinical, teaching and research expertise in the care for …
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