October 31, 2020

Taina Rantanen

Taina Rantanen

Professor of Gerontology and Public Health
Gerontology Research Center, University of Jyväskylä



About Taina Rantanen:

My research interests include functional abilities of older people especially safe mobility. I have a strong record in research leadership and doctoral and postdoctoral research training in gerontology. My research focuses on factors underlying individual differences in functioning in old age as well as ways of promoting active aging. I have lead several large studies: Finnish Twin Study on Aging; Counseling for Physical Activity and Mobility in Older people; Volunteer Work, Outdoor Activity and Wellbeing in Older People; Work, Retirement and Active Aging; and Life-Space Mobility of Older People. In 2009 I won the Academy of Finland Senior Scientist award and worked as a visiting professor in Pacific Health Research Institute. Before that I was Academy of Finland Research Fellow (2001-2006) WHO Senior World Health Leadership Fellow (2000-2001), Visiting Scientist in National Institute on Aging, Bethesda USA (several periods in 1997-2005). I have authored more than 200 original scientific publications, several book chapters, and the co-editor of a landmark gerontology textbook in Finland ‘Gerontologia’.
My most important hobby is gardening. It has parallels with scientific research in terms that good environment is important and sometimes fantastic results may emerge which go beyond what was planned.

ProfouND Role:

I am an expert on research on safe mobility.


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