July 21, 2024

WP4 Toolkit and Best Practice Guidance Development

WP4 Toolkit and Best Practice Guidance Development

Work package 4 (WP4) is led by Professor Clemens Becker at the Robert Bosch Gesellschaft für medizinische Forschung, Germany.


The main work of WP4

The aim of WP4 is to produce the content for the PFPApp and also to produce a series of best practice objects that allow providers of services to produce their own literature and manuals locally- to ensure their work in falls prevention is evidence based and up to date.

WP4 will construct a library of evidence based best practice objects for each domain of the customisation tool for the PFPApp, based on reviews of evidence. WP4 will also be responsible for ensuring these objects are available in the various languages used by partners and supported by the customisation engine.

This will be done by identifying a series of domains which will need to be populated on the basis of responses to questions about the capabilities and characteristics of (e.g.) the older person in question and other customisation parameters. Based on responses there will be heuristic generated outputs based on evidence syntheses provided in terms of “advice objects” for the specific output of an e-portfolio of intervention needs used in much the same way as “learning objects” are used for creation of online teaching materials.

Advice will be capable of being tailored to:

  • (a) be generic information for specific service requirements and
  • (b) information tailored to specific patients based on risk and clinical profiles.