July 21, 2024

WP6 Falls Data Definitions, Measurement and Harmonisation

WP6 Falls Data Definitions, Measurement and Harmonisation

Work package 6 (WP6) is led by Professor Chris Todd at the University of Manchester, UK.

WP6 Objectives

The objective of WP6 is to create and implement systematic and comparable data collection systems which can provide objective measures of the impact and return on investment from prevention measures.

This will require:

  • – Agreement of core standardised data set (including liaison with EIP-AHA Action Group A2);
  • – Development of methods to collect standard and comparable data on falls, injuries, service provision and costs, and if possible quality of life parameters from existing routine administrative data held in participating regions/countries;
  • – Development of methods to collect bespoke data on variables of interest in participating regions/countries (e.g. falls incidence in different settings, institutions, community etc, QoL data, service and social costs);
  • – Collection of baseline data set reflecting falls rates, costs of services etc at inception for e.g. year 2012/3;
  • – Ongoing data collection and analysis of both process measures, (e.g. service set up and changes, numbers of older people going through services, ICT units sold) and outcome measures (e.g. falls and injury incidence);
  • – Ongoing statistical analysis of data collected and evaluation reporting.

The above objectives will be achieved within the framework of the proposed action described by the EIP
Operational plan and the call by the Steering Group for the conditions for its fulfilment to be implemented by stakeholders in all Member States.

WP6 will liaise with the EIP-AHA Action Group A2 in agreeing approaches to data definition and collection.


All deliverables are publically available.

D6.1) Core standardised data set [month 10]
D6.2) Protocol for bespoke data collection [month 10]
D6.3) Baseline data in participating centres/regions [month 15]
D6.4) Report on Changes in Participating Centres and Regions [month 36]