July 21, 2024

WP8 National and Regional Uptake, Implementation and Dissemination

WP8 National and Regional Uptake, Implementation and Dissemination

Work package 8 (WP8) is led by Dr Wim Rogmans at EuroSafe, The Netherlands.


The main work of WP8

WP8 aims to help partners implement their action plans and support them in developing innovative fall prevention strategies in countries in Europe – by increasing awareness of the issue and promoting uptake of proven prevention strategies by government, industry, professionals and organisations in areas that relate to health of older adults and fall-prevention in particular.

This will be done by building a network of committed governmental, quasi-governmental, NGOs and other stakeholders to support and promote the work of ProFouND, both across Europe and within each participating region/country and in due course beyond the original participants.

WP8 will promote awareness campaigns to reach beyond health and social care professions, and heighten awareness of the preventability of falls and the potential role of novel technologies in their prevention as well as the availability of evidence based interventions.