July 21, 2024

ProFouND Factsheets (English)

ProFouND Factsheets (English)









The Falls Intervention Factsheet booklet features a series of Factsheets which summarises the current evidence based information for effective falls prevention interventions. The booklet covers the following areas: Generic Guidance, Exercise, Vision, Bone Health, Vitamin D, Home and Environment, Footwear and Protective Clothing, Falls Detection and Prevention Technologies, Acute Care and Institutional Long-term care (LTC) and falls prevention. Each factsheet offers concise (1-2 page) evidence based guidelines on current best practice interventions and includes – what works, what does not work, assessment tools, links and resources and references.

To download the booklet in English, click HERE
To download the booklet in Italian, click HERE
To download the booklet in Russian, click HERE

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